How to minimize risks in sports betting?

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How to minimize risks in sports betting?

Betting at a bookmaker’s office carries certain risks that both novice and professional bettors are not insured against. The difference between these players is that professional bettors know different ways to minimize risks in sports betting while newbies do not. Consider the options to minimize the risk of betting:

Choose a financial strategy for bank management

Competent bankroll management will not bring income to the better, but the loss of funds will be reduced if the player plays according to a pre-planned financial strategy.

Reverse betting

Professional bettors strongly advise against making such bets, but sometimes they are simply necessary. For example, if you’ve analysed the teams’ chances and bet on one of them and before the game, a key player on that team will be injured in training. Or you bet more on the grand total and found out later that the team’s main goal scorer was going to miss the game for some reason.

In such cases – it is better to make a reverse bet and exit with minimal losses than to risk the entire amount of the bet. Here are the tips to keep losing at sports betting.

Do not bet on high-outcome markets

Even choosing the right market from three outcomes – is not easy, let alone markets like the exact score, in which the bookmaker sometimes offers more than 10 options to choose from. When betting on an outcome, try not to choose between 1-X-2 markets, but between 1-X2, 1X-2 or 12-X markets.

Bet with a handicap

If you prefer to bet on outsiders, bet with a plus handicap. Not only will you hedge yourself, but you will also decrease the bookmaker’s margin (high quotes usually increase the bookmaker’s margin).

Walking between Risk and Reward Don’t bet on the parlay.

The odds of winning multiple bets – are not comparable to the risk you take.

Determine the maximum number of bets per day yourself.

You shouldn’t even think about playing all-in. For example, if your bank is $ 100, your maximum bet is $ 8 during the day. This protects you from emotional gambling after a loss.

reverse betting

Do not bet on offers below 1.20 or above 5.00.

The margins in these markets – are much higher.

The most optimal odds for betting – are quotes in the range of 1.50 to 2.50.

Don’t bet on mistakes in the bookmaker’s line.

The profit you can get from such bets cannot cover the risk of being blocked by the bookmaker.


No bettor can completely protect himself from risks in betting, but they can be minimized by every player. When betting – it is important not to make lightning decisions and always act as collectively as possible.

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