Policy And Strategy Papers

Policy And Strategy Papers

1.RDRS Strategy for 2001-2005

RDRS mission, overall objectives and values, distinct characteristics of RDRS and its approach, main dimensions and emphasis, specific activities and working methods are the main contents of this Policy Papers.

Language – English, Format – Book, Number of pages – 98

2 Strategic Planning for 2001-2005 (Bangla Summary)

This is the Bangla summery version of RDRS strategic Policy Paper. It is translated in a very easy language so that all level staff can understand the main features of RDRS strategy.

Language – Bangla, Format – Booklet, Number of pages – 28

3Gender Policy 2002

The RDRS Gender Policy Paper has been prepared to make conceptual clarity on Gender among RDRS staff. The concept of gender, sex and gender, gender roles, gender needs, gender as a development issue, RDRS and its role to gender related issue, gender internal and external strategies etc are the main content areas of this policy paper.

Language – English, Format – Booklet, Number of pages – 16

4 Savings and Credit Operation Manual

This book is the Policy Paper of RDRS microfinance programme where credit operation, loan application procedures: appraisal and sanctioning, loan disbursement procedures, repayment procedures, handing of default loan, record keeping, accounting and audit procedures, loans to secondary groups and federation have been highlighted.

Language – English, Format – Book with spiral binding, Number of pages – 40

5 Disaster Preparedness and Response Policy & Outline Strategy (2002-2005)This booklet is the strategic guideline of the RDRS Bangladesh on Disaster Management and is also helpful for the positional precedence during before and after disaster.

Language – Bangla, Format-Booklet, Number of pages – 61

6  Social Forestry Policy Paper

This booklet is the strategic guideline and operational procedures of RDRS for Social Forestry Programme.

Language – Bangla, Format – booklet, Number of pages – 24

7  Modality of RDRS Women’s Forum

This is the guidebook of RDRS women’s forum. Objectives, structures and function of women forum at different level are clearly mentioned in this guidebook.

Language – Bangla, Format – Booklet, Number of pages – 9

8 Livestock Development Policy

This booklet is also a strategic guideline and operational procedures of RDRS livestock development programme.

Language – Bangla, Format – Booklet, Number of pages – 14

9 Union Federation Bye-laws

This is a constitution for the federation, an apex organization of the secondary groups. Federation principles, aims and objectives, formation and functions of executive and general committee, sources of fund and its utilisation procedure, relation between federation and RDRS have been included in this constitution.

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