Afsana has a healthy daughter

sdfrAfsana Begum from Aditmari is one of five children of a bicycle repairer and was educated up to Class 7. At the age of 18, she was married to Nahid, a garment worker who lives in Dhaka and, within a year she was pregnant. Since neither her mother nor mother-in-law could tell her much advice on looking after herself and the baby while she was pregnant, Afsana went to see the local Rural Birth Attendant, Bashonti Bala. Ms Bala gave her a lot of  information about ante-, natal and post-natal  care and advised Afsana to attend the weekly ante-natal clinic at the Family Welfare Centre run by RDRS in nearby Mohiskhocha Union.

As recommended, Afsana visited the clinic on a   regular  basis  and  attended  classes  on  such  topics  as  complications, nutritious  food, preparing  for the  birth,  rest,  breast-  and complementary feeding, and HIV/AIDs. During the pregnancy, Afsana had 6 check-ups and faithfully   followed   any   advice   given.   She   continued   to   receive   the supplements needed for a healthy baby and easy birth. But when she was 36 weeks gone, Afsana began to suffer abdominal pain and backache. Going to the clinic for help, she was referred to a doctor at the Mother and Child Welfare Centre who wanted her to have blood tests and an ultrasonogram. Because of her poverty, she asked for help and RDRS was able to assist her with the costs of these. The tests did not show anything wrong and Afsana went   home   again.   But   two   weeks   before   her   due   date,   she   felt uncomfortable and called on Bashonti Bala who told her to go immediately to the Aditmari Maternity Centre. There, her labour pains began in earnest until,   assisted   by   the   Staff   Nurse,   her   daughter   was   born   without complications, weighing in at a healthy 8.8lbs. Very pleased with the quality of service and friendly attitude of RDRS’s health services, Afsana now tells all her friends and neighbours that they, too, should go to the ante-natal clinics as soon as they know they are pregnant.

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