Before Tree Plantation
Due to heavy population pressure only 6% of Bangladesh is now covered by trees and even that number is now decreasing due to the ignorance of people and lack of environmental awareness. Trees provide fuel, food for people and livestock, building materials, shade, soil fertility, and most importantly provide the oxygen for us to breathe in creating a lovely landscape and climate. We must accept that replanting trees is a national priority though many unscrupulous characters are indiscriminately felling down trees due to greed of money.

After Tree Plantation
The generosity of you or your organisation can support tree planting and its environmental benefits and ensure that poor rural women and landless community organisations acquire a real economic asset.

RDRS Bangladesh is the pioneer NGO in tree planting, yearly around one million trees planted by this organisation cover the roadsides of Northwest Bangladesh. This is also a part of promoting of environmental sustainability. 90% of the roadside trees planted with assistance from RDRS Bangladesh survive beyond their third year thanks to close care and attention from a woman tree caretaker. RDRS received the prime Minister’s Award to NGOs for this activity.

To date over 6000 kms of roadside have been planted and cared for by RDRS supported Caretakers, the poor women employed through food for work schemes. Some of the trees that matured in 2000 gave the caretakers, Federations and Union Councils profits from harvest. The Federations now have the main responsibility for care and maintenance of saplings. As well as assisting the poor families directly involved, the Federations manage the trees - these local community organisations lease the ground and gain the benefits. The women caretakers receive training not only on looking after the trees but developing their families in other ways such as improved health, education, savings and other employment.

1000 trees cover one km of the roadside. For USD 17 per 1000 trees the landscape of rural Bangladesh may be turned green for the benefit of the poorest rural dwellers.

For the sponsors of a tree plantations, RDRS Bangladesh will carry out the necessary service through its skilled and experienced staff. In addition they will:

Erect a signboard indicating the donor’s name.
Arrange for a press release with commencement of the project.
Facilitate a visit by the sponsors to assess the clinic and be guest of honour at the formal opening ceremony.
Provide Annual Report with clinic achievement and provide them to sponsors including photographs.
Listing of name in RDRS Bangladesh annual report and publications, circulated home and abroad.
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